PINTXOS bar & bistro

Industrial meets bistro.
Timeless and homely yet surprisingly fashionable with a metropolitan vibe. Curiosity is key in this theme of exploration.

Materials: Concrete, Wood, Steal, Brass, Copper, Velvet, Leather
Keywords: Jungle, Jules Verne, Alchemy, Naturalism, Discovery

Pintxos strives to surprise it’s guests with a constantly changing menu. To enhance this experience we created an ethnic/botanical environment full of crazy details in a robust setting with real materials. Every time you visit, we’re sure you’ll discover something new.

Role: Concept, Interior, Branding, Website design, Photography

Client: Pintxos

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The best compliment ever would probably be.
"It's more than the interior and the food, you know. It's the vibe. The vibe is just right!". Hearing that over 3 times makes it true in my mind.

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