Bureau Bouveau, contrasting worlds in one unique hospitality experience

Bureau Bouveau

A memorable interior with references to the rich mining past that would attract not only hotel guests but also nature lovers, hikers, and other visitors to the Hoge Kempen National Park: that was the assignment we received from the beautiful Terhills Hotel, located amidst the namesake old mining and gravel extraction site and also the gateway to Belgium’s only National Park. 

We wouldn’t be Nachtraven if we didn’t take it up a notch. We added profitable by ensuring a better flow that allows the operators to get the most out of the space. We also took care of the new branding because real innovation, in our opinion, happens down to the smallest details, touchpoint by touchpoint. And thus, Bistro Bureau Bouveau was born.

Aesthetical attraction, better user experiences, more efficient flows and still more capacity!

You could call the neoclassical main mine building of the former Eisden coal mine a showpiece with a nod to the rich Limburg mining past. Since 2014, the imposing building has housed the luxurious Terhills Hotel, which welcomes tourists and business clients seeking peace and inspiration in the adjacent Hoge Kempen National Park.

Last year, the hotel, which has 59 luxury rooms, began renovating its existing F&B area: restaurant, bar, and breakfast room. The goal? To radiate more appeal, provide non-hotel guests with unforgettable experiences, and create increased capacity.

We moved the bar from where it had always been to where it performs best and created a completely new brand experience.

In January 2023, we were allowed to pitch our ideas for this thorough renovation. On April 20th, we received the good news that we could start. We managed to convince the hotel owners with a somewhat contrary concept at the intersection of space and experience, because we remain Nachtraven, of course.


So, we moved the bar from where it had always been to where it performs best. We covered the renovation with a typical Nachtraven sauce: we created a completely new brand experience, from logo and typography to menus, cards, coasters, and more. With the name Bureau Bouveau, we aimed for a subtle reference to the mining history. No clichés, but a modern interpretation of a rich history and an approachable tone of voice that also attracts external visitors.

The contrast between above ground and underground sets the tone of the interior and the experience.

This contrast sets the tone for the interior and the experience. In Bar Bouveau, black, stony materials, and rusted metal dominate. In Bistro Bureau, it’s all about light, and in the breakfast room, the flower ceiling reminds of the crocheted flowers that the miners’ wives made from old fabrics to decorate their modest homes as an alternative to real but too expensive flowers.

On the walls of the spaces, we bring the mining history back to life with archival images, carefully searched, checked, and evaluated under the guidance of mining historian Johann Kohlbacher.

Nachtraven from Start to Finish

From the first sketch to the delivery: Nachtraven ensured a smooth process of this renovation and rebranding. We were responsible for the interior design, site planning, the complete brand experience, and brand monitoring. 

Bureau Bouveau / Terhills Hotel
Zetellaan 68
3630 Maasmechelen


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