Hospitality focused user experiences in general, space and brand design for horeca and office specifically.


Signage & Wayfinding
Website & apps
Service design


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Spatial identity
Employer branding
Brand experience design


Concept development
Market positioning
Franchise development
Food & beverage solutions
Profitability optimization

Experience design
that sticks!

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In short

Brand design

You need a (re)branding and/or some branded things designed, to improve your marke t positioning, customer journey and employer retainment. Great idea! Get in touch with our brand design director.

Spatial + brand design

You need a (re)brand and/or branded things made or improved. And there is an interior or exterior space involved that needs to be designed memorably and profitable in line with it all. Let’s go! Get in touch with one of our design directors.

Spatial design

You have an interior or exterior space that needs to be designed profitable and memorable, as an epic user experience for your client and in line with your already awesome and perfect brand. Sweet! Get in touch with our interior design director.

A project process should always be...


To keep things clear and efficient we cut the project into a few logical steps and guide you along the way.

This helps things going forward in a straight line instead of back and forth. And makes the process smooth and understandable, with logical intermediate goals and a pleasant experience of progress.


As a client you’ll be involved where it matters. And unburdened where it matters as well.

You’ll have all the say in the design process, but when it comes to the nitty gritty of a technical plan, you won’t have a care in the world.

On time & budget​

There are good solutions for almost every budget, and we will respect yours.

In terms of timing, shit happens. Unexpected situations occur, but every problem is just a situation that requires a proper reaction. It’s safe to say we’re trained in situations, and we’ll do everything to respect your planning.

Make the transformation
like these epic brands before you.