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Nachtraven is a Mechelen based design studio. Focusing on concept-driven experience design. From interior to identity. From the drawing board to execution. Whatever the dream, we'll make it memorable.

Full experiences, our Craft & Expertise

The concept. An illustrious being.
Feels vague if you hear someone else’s. Feels like the world if it’s yours. We did some, are doing some, and especially when it comes to creating an experience, we understand. It’s our major field of expertise, we used to work in it, now enterprise and develop in it, and god knows we understand the pitfalls. A bar, shop, restaurant or’s a field where life is hard, investments are huge and return on them never guaranteed. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing. And if you don’t, hear us out!


From the brief to the drawing board, smoothly past 3D-renderings and visual presentation. Back to you for feedback. On to project management, up, and over construction. There ain't a phase we don't feel at home, all the while providing you with transparency and peace of mind.

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The concept, identity and interior is always envisioned as one entire experience, right from the start at the drawing board. Helping us achieve seamless overlapping of visual style, tone of voice and backstory. The brand's language communicates through physical presence, online & offline marketing alike.


Illustrations or photography for your website or menu. Polished interior or architectural renders, photo-manipulations. Pixel-perfect and always in line with the visual identity of your brand.


Bar & Bistro Pintxos by Nachtraven, an example..

The PINTXOS concept has been invented and executed entirely by Nachtraven.
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Hungry? Check out

Pintxos photography

Pintxos branding

Pintxos interior


Below some places we've been or built. It's a nice collection of places.
Maybe we should visit one together, get a beer, talk about your project? 

Hell, why not!*


*Because we are not going to secretly charge you or anything. <note: 'verify with Liv if we secretly charge people for having drinks with us" />